Submissions are closed – The next submission period will be from October 1-November 30, 2021

We want to hear, see, learn anything that has to do with knowledge, information, and learning from the perspectives of libraries, librarians, library staff, archives, archivists, museums, communities, the public, and others. All your thoughts, your writing, and your experiences are welcome.

Content we look for: Anything that has to do with libraries, archives, museums, knowledge in general, reading, writing, literature, information (its use, access, and understanding), and many other tangential topics. Feel free to submit if you think it is a good fit.

Formats accepted for Letters publication: fiction, non-fiction, essay, poetry, visual art, or surprise us.

We probably will not publish anything that has been professionally published before. You may submit it, but please identify the original content and citation. Things published on personal blogs are allowed, but please note the date and source of the original in your submission.

Blog: The blog is the place we regularly update information. We will use this space to share announcements, stuff we like, events, pictures, etc. If you have something you would like to share, but don’t know if it is appropriate or formal enough for publication, we welcome you to submit it for the blog. It is preferred that blog submissions are emailed to with the word Blog somewhere in the subject line. When possible or appropriate, please also include a visual. Blogs will be credited to submitter, and all rights remain with authors/creators.

Closed for submissions: Formal issues of Letters are published Quarterly. Blog posts published regularly. For quarterly Letters publication, submission and publication schedule:

  • Submissions open: Jan 1 – Feb 28 (Winter)
    • Publication March 31
  • Submissions open April 1 – May 31 (Spring)
    • Publication June 30
  • Submissions open July 1 – August 31 (Summer)
    • Publication September 30
  • Submissions open October 1 – November 30 (Fall)
    • Publication December 31

Submitting: Submissions are accepted by using the online form OR email your submission to

  • Email (preferred)
    • Name (as you wish it to appear in publication)
    • Short Bio
    • Title of entry/ies (up to 5 allowed)
    • Optional: Description or explanation of applicability
    • Type of content (indicate poem, essay, non-fiction, fiction, image, other)
    • Text may be shared in body of email, but formatting may not transfer
    • Preferred: Attach document or image (word, PDF, etc) Image (jpeg, png)
    • Multiple attachment are OK. If single attachment contains more than one entry, each must be clearly delineated (i.e. each selection on its own page) with title for each. If submitting more than one format, each format may be its own attachment. 
  • Forms
    • Only one submission per form – to enter multiple submissions, submit each in its own form. (Up to 5 allowed)
    • To upload an attachment, you will need to associate the form with a google account
    • You can enter text into a form field, but formatting may not transfer
    • Preferred: Upload a document (word, PDF, etc) Image (jpeg, png)

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please let us know as soon as possible if you need to withdraw a piece.

Language preferred: English

There are no fees for submitting or for accessing content. There is no payment for accepted work.

All pieces will be credited to the creator. By submitting you are acknowledging and attesting that you are the original creator of the work and have the right to publish. All rights revert to author/creator.



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